What we do

EnPower India has put together a bouquet of solutions to enhance operational efficiency of key energy using systems like HVAC, Chillers, Freezers, Motors, Boilers, Lighting etc. for commercial, industry as well as heavy user segments. These include in-house developed solutions as also third-party integrated ones.

In addition to the efficiency and conservation aspect, we also focus on automating the operational processes for Customers which help in further cutting costs. We also help Customers on their on-going quest for optimization by ‘discovering’ newer avenues of enhancing the overall deliverables-on a YoY basis. We help Customers to transition the systems into new technology areas like IIOT, Cloud-based analytics and so on as well.

Our solutions driven approach coupled with broadest array of products – ensures that there is something for every Customer from our stable!

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In tandem with the Efficiency and Conservation portfolio, EnPower India team provides solutions for detailed Monitoring, Management and Control of energy and associated aspects for various Customer segments. Industry –specific solutions have been created for Banking, Retail, Telecom, IT, Hospitality, Healthcare, Logistics and similar segments. These solutions currently manage in excess of 70000 assets across 40 Customers across segments in India currently.

In addition to the above framework, EnPower India provides for detailed Energy Audit and Consultancy for assessment of the energy profile of the Customer with recommendations of improving operational efficiencies, adoption of new techniques as well as establishing a framework of continued monitoring and management of the same. These shall be either executed in-house experts or empanelled external certified auditors.

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In a clear progression to the earlier stages of Efficiency/Conservation and Audit, EnPower India has put together a unique blend of renewable energy generation techniques covering Solar PV/Thermal, Small Wind Turbines as well as Hybrid configurations - both from its own portfolio as well as in tandem with Industry-leaders. The Company also has its own line and partnerships for the rest of subsystems for generation- Charge Controllers, Inverters, Storage and so on.

The company is also working on a few alternate options of generation as well which shall be brought to market in a progressive manner.

News and Updates

Two new concepts- old but revisited- is set to change the way India cools itself

  • Evaporative cooling- from the good old desert cooler to the modern adiabatic/evaporative – Direct/Indirect /Hybrid evaporative cooling solutions are being looked at more closely these days.
  • Dynamic Comfort- a common-sensical approach to cut cooling costs

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EnPower India’s AHU management solution- with Enthalpy Free-cooling as well as specialised Purging schemes- gains acceptance in the Bangalore market.

EnPower India is in the final stages of introducing a comprehensive monitoring and management application- IOT enabled- that can ease the facility management woes of Customers as well as Facility providers- with the unique value add- of an ROI

Solution not only provides savings, but eases the pressure on Facility Managers and provides more effective/efficient management of HVAC environment by complete automation and eliminates possibilities of manual errors and delays.