Energy Audit and Consultancy

This service essentially encompasses the detailed study and assessment of the energy usage profile or the Customers provides optimum solutions to bring down the overall operational costs and overheads by adopting conservation and efficiency solutions as well as providing for feasibility of alternate energy generation techniques.

EIESPL undertakes the exercise of audit and consultancy as a pre-requisite in many cases before the detailed solutions for efficiency and conservation and generation is arrived at. EIESPL has its own certified personnel who undertake such activities. It has also MOUs with a few leading third party organisations as well as third party certified auditors to undertake these exercise in a dispassionate manner if called for.

EIESPL team shall examine Customer installations and carry out broadly the following activities:

  • Carry out a load profile study of existing electric loads and installation
  • Carry out a similar study on non-electric energy consuming processes, systems installations
  • Identify the areas where energy savings can be achieved and maintenance cost can be reduced readily
  • Identify basic process and system hygiene issues also that can contribute to energy inefficiencies
  • Identify relevant best-practices
  • Prepare a frame-work for on-going energy monitoring and management
  • Submit a comprehensive proposal defining the steps to be taken for improvements, implementation of energy monitoring and management system, energy efficiency and saving solutions/devices, assess the scope, potential and cost benefit analysis of alternate energy generation options etc. These will be done with details of and extent of savings possible together with cost, benefit and payback analysis
  • Optionally Customers may retain EIESPL as an empanelled auditor for regular repeat audits and consultancy

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The energy audit process


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