Energy Efficiency solutions for HVAC / Chillers / Refrigeration

The EIESPL solution to enhance the efficiency of HVAC/Chillers/Refrigeration is a set of innovative solutions from the stable of M/s Articmaster Inc. USA - in tandem with its Asia/Africa Franchisee M/s Mpower Systems.

As indicated in the earlier section, these solutions address the key efficiency points in an HVAC system- Condensor and Evaporator and enhances the performance of these in line with the instantaneous demand (load/ambient conditions etc.) leading to energy savings upto 30%.

Energy Solutions for HVAC/Chillers/Refrigeration
Articmaster- Dynamic Condensor Control System

This device works on patented Dynamic Condensor Control Technology. A mechanical device with no electronic / moving components that is carefully incorporated into the air conditioning / refrigeration system. It works on increasing the condensing capacity of the system. An increase in the condensing capacity would in turn result in lowering the refrigerant temperature, the delivery pressure and the load on the compressor resulting in a more efficient HVAC system.

The Articmaster® is a product without competition. To date, there has been a lack of energy saving alternatives in the industry that can be applied to HVAC/Refrigeration equipment that increases efficiency while decreasing energy consumption. Consumers have been reliant upon equipment manufacturers to deliver the most efficient unit possible. An increase in efficiency typically results in substantial increased cost in manufacturing, making manufacturers hesitant to produce units with higher efficiency. The Articmaster® is the only product in the industry that can be applied to both new and replacement HVAC/Refrigeration equipment. The product works well with all HVAC/Refrigeration systems and Chillers of all sizes and refrigerant types, except Absorption and Centrifugal Chillers.

Most HVAC/Refrigeration systems will achieve an increased efficiency of More than 20% in air cooled, and 8% or more on water-cooled systems, depending on the ambient temperature and the condition of the equipment to which it is installed. The Articmaster® directly optimizes the performance of the refrigerant. Once the Articmaster® system is installed, the reduced pressure in the system will not only save energy, but it will also greatly increase the life expectancy of the compressor.

Arcticmaster- Made in USA

Articmaster is UL certified and ASME certified. It is manufactured in an ISO-9000 company ideally suited for your Head Office and other major offices with High capacity Air conditioners serving large areas, Data Centres etc.

Articmaster - Refrigerant Management System-1 (RMS-1) for Evaporators

Energy Solutions for HVAC/Chillers/Refrigeration

This device is a sister product from the Articmaster stable, the RMS‐1 is an evaporator optimizer Retro-fittable to refrigeration and A/C systems and reduces energy consumption by 8% - 15%

The system has been designed expressly for refrigeration market, but also works very well with Air Conditioning in tandem with AM. The device is located downstream of expansion device prior to the evaporator coils and expands refrigerant by inducing a chaotic turbulent flow to the refrigerant and accelerates change of state from liquid to gas. The system ensures uniform distribution of refrigerant vapour to all spider tubes in the evaporator and the effective larger total surface area of vapour increases the capacity to absorb heat.


  • Arcticmaster- Made in USA
  • Articmaster- Refrigerant Managament System-1 (RMS-1) for Evaporators

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