Energy Efficiency solutions in Lighting-LED/CXL

EnPower India (EIESPL) has brought out a wide range of Indoor lighting solutions based on the current LED technologies. These are manufactured using imported high quality LED cells (OSRAM etc.) in India as per broad industry requirements and in an ISO 9000 approved facility with close to a decade of operational experience.


EIESPL LED Bulbs use high quality LED cells and produce the best level of brightness levels to replace existing CFL bulbs. The models available cover 5W(360Lm), 7W(460Lm) and 9W(600Lm). 5/7/9 W systems can replace 9-10W/12-13W/15-18W CFL respectively leading to approx 50% saving over CFLs itself. The bulbs are available in AC and DC versions as well.


EIESPL LED DOWNLIGHTS have an ultra slim design. It uses an innovative light guide technology which directs part of the light to the sides, creating a more pleasant and even light output. Available in 6 & 8-inch versions. Power consumption up to 12W, Long life time>20,000 hours, Illuminance at 1m: 200 lux (cool white), Replacement for 22W circular fluorescent tube. CE/FCC/UL Approved.

EIESPL offers outdoor high-lux solutions using LED and CXL variants.
Outdoor Lighting - LED/CXL Based Outdoor LIghting - LED/CXL Based

LEDs have had problems of heat dissipation, glare effects and so on. However off late better designs with Power-LEDs and heat sinks capable of withstanding harsh outdoor environments have led to greater adoption of LED for such applications. The much better Colour Rendering Index (CRI) performance of LED provide for better visibility even with lower wattage and/or lumen levels at the same distance/height as HPSV

Available in medium power 40-100W and high-power (120-140W), these solutions come with Extruded/die-cast Aluminium IP65 enclosures. Luminaire with toughened glass and associated support systems. The systems provide around 110 Lumens/watt with a range of colour temperatures.

Ceramic Xenon Lamps (CXL) based Streetlight solution provides by-far the best price-performance equation in outdoor lighting. A variant of the HID family, these lamps can easily be retrofitted onto existing MH/HPSV luminaires- thus saving substantially- while also providing between 50-70% lower energy consumption and associated savings. CXL lamps also provide much better lighting levels as well.

These are available in 35/50/70/100/150W ranges with E27/E40/G12 lamp base options. Solutions are available with both AC and DC ballast as per Customer requirements.

Outdoor Lighting - LED/CXL Based Outdoor LIghting - LED/CXL Based

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