Energy Efficiency solutions for Motors

Motors and motor driven systems are estimated to account for approximately 45% of all global electricity consumption as well as 69% of all electricity used by industry. AC Induction Motors is the workhorse of any Industry providing with the world's most common form of electro-mechanical Energy. These find application in a wide variety of industries for Air Compressors, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Air Handling, Fluid/Water Pumps, Injection-moulding, Grinding/Crushing/Milling, Escalators/Elevators/Conveyors as also General Drives. These also find application in residences for Refrigeration/Cooling etc. Since they are key components in any industry, the inherent inefficiencies in these are often overlooked. These motors and conventional drives do not have the capability to intelligently control the power that they consume in line with the load with the result that these often consume upto 50% more energy than called for to deliver any specific task- esp when these operate under less than full rated load conditions.(courtesy study conducted by UK Energy Efficiency Office).

Apart from these inefficiencies are the associated problems of heat, vibration, noise, spikes through power line systems due to surges during startup and so on. Needless to say any reduction in these inefficiencies of Motors and Motor driven systems can substantially impact performance of industries for the better.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Soft-starters have come to occupy the critical space of intelligent drive systems that help in addressing most of the issues raised above. EIESPL provides for a wide range of Drives for its Customers- leveraging its relationships with industry majors like ABB, Danfoss and the like.

However it is seen that most VFD deployments suffer from non-optimal management/scheduling and operational processes and the issue is compounded in locations with multiple make/type Drive implementations. Most VFD installations are not optimally configured or run!

  • Fixed speeds for most part
  • One-dimensional control: Temperature/Pressure based
  • BMS not present or not configured optimally
  • Technician driven- ad-hoc
  • Counter-productive operations and erosion of investment

EnPower India has developed a comprehensive VFD Management system for use with Customer setup- for managing the VFD infra more effectively- from Energy costs as well as other aspects. The VFD Management Solution from EnPower India is an effort to provide a platform for management of almost all makes and types of drives coupled with an easy interface for monitoring.

Main Features:

  • Industrial Grade Controller based system
  • Dynamic control: Time+ Temperature+ Pressure
  • Flexible to accommodate new requirements from Customers
  • Scalable to 100+ units in any location- in groups of 20
  • Modbus/Analog I/O based control-can support other protocols also.
  • No need for costly BMS implementation

Multi-application support

  • Chilled Water Pumping ( Primary/secondary)
  • STP/ETP/Water treatment
  • Industrial uses- Conveyors/Travelators/Heavy lift/Fans/Blowers/Compressors.

Makes of Drives

  • Supports all makes- ABB, Danfoss, Emerson, Fuji, LG-LSIS, Schneider, Mitsubishi etc.
  • Solution can be extended for control of Soft Starters as well EC Motor drives also.

Expected Savings:

The solution has delivered between 20-50% savings on raw power usage across applications for Customers in Retail, IT, Industry and so forth.

Applicable Configuration:

The VFDMS solution can be deployed in stand-alone configuration or in tandem with existing BMSs.

Applicable Customer Segments:

Across all segments utilising Drives for control of Varying Loads as in HVAC, AHUs, CSUs, Escalators, STP/ETP, Chilled Water Pumps


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