Energy Conservation using Natural Lighting-SkyPipe™

India has abundance of Sunlight but also has a problem of buildings designed with little or no plans to harness the same for providing adequate lighting inside which leads to wastage of electricity for lighting even during day-time. While there has been a lot of interest in this aspect and products have been introduced which can be retro-fitted onto existing buildings to provide for natural lighting most have not succeeded either due to cost or other considerations including heat being transferred beyond acceptable levels with no air-draught for comfort and so on. EnPower India in tandem with its technology partners has come out with a new solution - SkyPipe™- which addresses most concerns in this area and provides for a simple yet effective day-light harvesting solution

Key features of SkyPipe:

  • Replaces conventional transparent sheets on roof with a robust integrated light-dome and air-vent.
  • Provides for air movement / circulation with Day Light harvesting
  • Highly reflective tube delivers high illumination levels despite long tubes or angles or overcast sky with reflectance of 98%+.
  • Dome collects and concentrates the ambience day light and delivers light effectively throughout the day even at low sun angles.
  • Blocks UV to a great extent
  • Long tube with static air-column provides heat insulation- can also integrate additional heat insulation if called for
  • Effective in releasing hot air and fumes from the inside without maintenance
  • Stylish Optical diffuser diffuses light evenly in wider area. Can deliver day light even in dark corners


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