In most industries and commercial establishments running water-cooled HVAC systems, Boilers/Power Plants etc, one issue that has to be addressed regularly is the de-scaling of the interiors of the water/liquid piping to improve performance. The impact of efficiency due to scaling is very pronounced with even a 0.5 mm scale thickness leading to 5+% of efficiency reduction.

Scaling is caused predominantly by the precipitation of calcium/magnesium due to decomposition of their bi-carbonate ions at slightly higher temperature than normal- which is possible in the evaporator outlets, boiler lines etc. Scaling leads to a lot of issues – which if not attended to can lead to catastrophic situations. Typical outcomes include:

  • Increase in water usage/pollution
  • Production wastage
  • Improper heat transfer- leading to over-heating at spots, fuel wastage and so on
  • Increased maintenance expenses for cleaning/de-scaling
  • Increase in energy usage- for every 0.5mm of scale, the system efficiency loss is around 7%

Efforts to control and remove scales- termed De-scaling solutions – include

  • Softener driven: to remove uncalled for chemical components that can lead to scaling. This is pre-treatment option
  • Chemical driven: which involve injection of anti-scalant chemicals on a periodic basis into the water/liquid line
  • Ionisation driven:which involve converting scale causing compounds into smaller particles that cannot agglomerate as scale
  • Magnetic option:which treat water using electric impulses via magnetic induction

All these options are effective to a certain extent however these suffer from the following:

  • Requires treated water input of TDS less than 2000ppm and hardness less than 300ppm to operate. This leads to heavy blow-down thereby increasing ETP costs
  • Water consumption and pollution is increased
  • Some of the systems cannot work in all conditions- piping systems etc- esp Magnetic solution
  • Some of the systems are too invasive and need long downtimes- esp ionization solution
  • All systems call for PH maintenance, anti-corrosion chemicals, bio-cides etc to be continued leading substantial hidden costs.
  • No guarantee of zero-scaling: needs periodic shutdown and maintenance

SCALEBAN™ - a product of decade long R&D and testing – is the only product in the world that addresses all the shortcomings of the previous systems, works on an unique principle guaranteeing zero scale for 20 years!


SCALEBAN™ is an ONLINE system fitted in the liquid line which provides a non-chemical model of water treatment for de-scaling (Galvanic Principle) which gives excellent water/energy savings beside total prevention of hard water induced scaling in the liquid lines.


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