Energy Conservation using Natural Cooling-Free-Cooling

EnPower India (EIESPL) has brought out revolutionary new concept in energy conservation esp. in large facilities using Chillers, which makes use of the ambient air to cool down the facility during evening/night/early morning hours throughout the year and even during day-times during winter. The solution constantly monitors the indoor/target area temperatures in tandem with the ambient conditions and channelizes the fresh air from outside whenever possible while simultaneously controlling the flow of chilled water to the Air-Handling Units to cut down on energy consumption of the chiller/compressor. The solution involves specially built dampers and filters to ensure that the air taken in is in line with the internal requirements and EHS guidelines.

The Enthalpy economizer intelligently controls the inlet of fresh air and quantity of chilled water to provide the same level of comfort around the clock. This fine control of quantity of chilled water and mixing of cooler ambient air reduces the load on the chiller, providing significant savings in energy throughout the day. The system also provides for CO2 control by keeping a tab on CO2 levels in the work-area and letting in fresh air to cope with higher levels to keep employee productivity high.

Energy Conservation using Natural Cooling-Free-Cooling

The below parameters are checked before taking the decision:
  • Internal temperature levels
  • Internal Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels
  • External/Ambient Temperature levels
  • External Humidity levels
  • External Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels

The Free-Cooling solution can be deployed in stand-alone configuration or in tandem with other efficiency/conservation solutions. One key deployment shall be in tandem with Efficiency solutions that peak in savings in a differential manner with the Free-cooling solution- day vis-à-vis night and Summer vis-a-vis winter- there by providing enhanced savings year round complementarily.

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Energy Conservation using Natural Cooling-Free-Cooling

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