Solar PV based solutions

EnPower India brings to you the best-in-class Mono/Poly crystalline Solar PV based solutions thanks to its arrangements and alliances with the top panel/module makers to help you leverage on the abundance of Solar power available on the Indian mainland!

EnPower provides for solutions ranging from 100W upwards for applications as varied as micro-rural lighting requirements to urban roof-tops to industrial and other bulk user deployments - both in stand-alone and micro-grid options.

EnPower India also provides for the complete solution including Hot-dip Galvanised MS structures, Inverters (stand-alone, Solar PCU, Hybrid and so on), Charge controllers (PWM & MPPT), Battery banks and associated cables, connectors and accessories.

Structures can be customised for ground-mount, roof-top flat mount, conformal mounting on slanted roofs and so on.

EIESPL also provides for Custom solutions covering

  • Special solutions for Water-Pumping Agricultural/Commercial/ Residential/other
  • Solar Streetlights with LED/CXL lights/Luminaires and accessories
  • Solar Streetlights with LED/CXL lights/Luminaires and accessories
  • Sub-systems like Chargers, Inverters, Control Panels, Junction Boxes and so on


  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Panels

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