E-BMS – Energy Monitoring & Management solutions

EnPower India’s solution E- BMS combines monitoring, management and control of assets with Energy Efficiency perspective. Logging of critical parameters of assets and their energy consumption with rich features for alerting, scheduling along with periodic analytical reports will complete the framework of the solution. Solution is jointly created by EnPower India & Vigyan Labs- a NASCOM award winner IT Company with global presence.

Energy management systems can be used to centrally control devices like HVAC/Refrigeration units, AHUs, PACs, UPS, Batteries, DGs and lighting systems across multiple locations. Energy management systems can also provide metering, sub metering, and monitoring functions that allow facility and building managers to gather data and insight that allows them to make more informed decisions about energy activities across their sites.

Energy Management in Enterprises: Going beyond the obvious need for monitoring and control of individual energy consuming elements and devices, the Enterprises of today are increasingly looking at integrating the energy management functions across end-use devices, applications as well as locations and providing for a single-view of the overall energy footprint and associated operational aspects to holistically drive efficiency, conservation and associated initiatives. They look upon such a platform to drive substantial operational and cost efficiencies very much like what the Wide Area Network (WAN) did for IT and Communications.


EnPower India also provides for a managed/outsourced Energy Operations Centre (EOC) service for Customers who are not planning to have their own captive EOCs. This shall work out better for small-to-medium enterprises who wish to avail of the features of BMS/E-BMS but without having to dedicate personnel and associated resources for the same.

EnPower India is in the process of integrating the IT assets (Servers/PCs/Printers/Storage etc.) also into the platform which should lead to a 360-degree Energy management for an Enterprise.


  • Energy Monitoring, Management & Control
  • Energy Monitoring, Management & Control

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